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Bree GriffinPhoto

Bree Griffin

Senior Support Scheduler

Bree is new to the recruitment industry. Previously, she worked in an administrative and bookings role at a Level 3 care facility in the disability sector. During this time, she discovered her passion for disability work and aspires to continue in the industry and work her way up. Bree has worked in retail for more than nine years and was also studying to become a midwife. While working in a hospital, she completed two years of her degree and had the opportunity to work with women across the North Brisbane area. These experiences were some of her fondest memories as a student, as she was able to help empower women in bringing their children into the world. Bree hopes to return to women’s healthcare in the future while also incorporating her passion for disability work.

On weekends, Bree spends time with her partner and her Swiss Shepherd, Matilda. Even though she loves winter weather, she enjoys taking her dog to the beach to swim. Her personal goal in the

Bree thrives in a fast-paced environment and is dedicated to perfecting her skills and becoming the best she can be in any role.