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At Conexson, we believe our Support Staff are the most important. Our systems and processes revolve around you and how we can serve you and provide ongoing opportunities.

Our Philosophy – “If we support and serve our Support Staff, our Support Staff will Support and Serve our clients…”

The Conexson Difference

Dedicated Consultant – You will have one point of contact to assist you through the recruitment, onboarding and day to day engagement with our clients.

Mobile App and Staff Portal – To help you manage all your profile, qualifications, shifts, timesheets and payslips

Employee Benefits Program – Click here to find out more

Training – Focus on developing you to be the best you can be

Our key strength is recruiting high-caliber Care staff that CONNECT with their Participants. We have developed a track record of recruiting Healthcare Professionals into leading Australian providers through to specialised boutique Home Care providers.

For us, it’s all about the people connection. If you get the connection and experience piece right, the rest falls into place. We really do care about what we do and look to add value throughout the process for all involved.

Please contact US on our state numbers to learn more.



QLD - (07) 3519 7588

NSW -(02) 9000 3852