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Chelsea LandlPhoto

Chelsea Landl

Services Manager

As our Payroll Manager, Chelsea is a key member of the team who works directly with our clients to ensure satisfaction with every step of the Corporate and Financial Services process. Chelsea brings her warm and approachable personality, her vast professional experience, and her values of attention to detail and commitment to excellence to every project, large or small.

While Chelsea’s career has spanned many sectors, in diverse roles from logistics management to project officer, one core element has remained steadfast throughout her journey: her genuine connection with clients, and commitment to working collaboratively to achieve optimum results.

Starting out in childcare services and hospitality, Chelsea went on to build extensive experience in human resources and business administration over eleven years, and in recent years has held high-level project officer positions. This means Chelsea has exceptional knowledge of every stage of project planning and implementation, with the ability to communicate effectively across all divisions, and connect with clients from diverse backgrounds.

With over seven years in management roles, Chelsea has the leadership and organisational skills to find creative solutions to every problem and is passionate in her role about utilising these assets to deliver the expert Conexson experience.


Outdoors, Beach, Spending time with family and taking road trips