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Corey LoganPhoto

Corey Logan

Regional Manager

Meet Corey, a member of the Conexson team serving as Regional Manager for Disability and Aged Care within the Capricorn and Far North regions of Queensland. With over a decade of experience as a police officer in Queensland, Corey brings a wealth of dedication and community-focused values to his role at Conexson.

Beyond his professional commitments, Corey finds joy in the outdoors, often spending quality time camping with loved ones. He lives by the motto, "work hard doing the things no one wants to do and you can have the things no one gets to have," embodying a spirit of perseverance and determination.

At Conexson, Corey's commitment to trust and hard work resonates deeply. He's not afraid to roll up his sleeves and tackle challenges head-on, whether it's ensuring client care needs are met or driving regional growth initiatives.

Known for his compassion and reliability, Corey is on track to becoming a respected leader within the Conexson community. His genuine desire to make a positive impact, both personally and professionally is never far from his mind.