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Kaye DollosoPhoto

Kaye Dolloso

Talent Acquisition Consultant

Kaye is an accomplished individual who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and possesses a valuable skill set as an experienced HR Professional. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated a drive for excellence, particularly in the areas of staffing and internal recruitment, and what truly sets her apart is her strong belief in maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Despite her professional ambitions, she always prioritizes her personal well-being and cherishes her love for her dogs, which brings her immense joy. In her leisure time, Kaye also engages in low-intensity workouts like yoga and walking, allowing her to stay physically active and centered. She also has a profound appreciation for nature and actively seeks opportunities for outdoor trips. Through her diverse interests and dedication to a balanced lifestyle, Kaye embodies a well-rounded individual who excels both professionally and personally.