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Kristine Mae CansicoPhoto

Kristine Mae Cansico

Senior Recruitment Consultant

“He who has why to live can bear almost anyhow”, we often ask ourselves what’s our WHY to live. To find our purpose, is to what gives our life meaning. And to have a strong why can give us the necessary strength and resilience to continue fighting for the life we want. Lastly, knowing why we are fighting for the life we have can help us bear any how!

Throughout Kristine’s career, it has revolved around services and recruitment, which has been a huge part of who she is. She finds joy in working with individuals who requires assistance and provides the necessary help. 

Kristine is passionate in working with highly skilled individuals that can help her personal and career development. Kristine’s personal belief is knowing that ‘Good things often take time’. Most good things take time to create and will require a lot of patience but what’s important is that you get to enjoy the process. As a Recruitment Coordinator of Conexson, Kristine is excited to work with her team and be able to help the Disability & Home sector.