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Kyrene OsumoPhoto

Kyrene Osumo

Operations Coordinator

Kyrene is from the tropical island of Cebu in the Philippines. She has worked for multi-national companies throughout the world. It has been this diversity that has ignited her great respect towards people, other cultures, and lifestyles. Her experience has given her many chances to talk to people and inspired her to go to details to become effective and efficient in the workplace.

She has always been fond of the healthcare sector since she spent most of her childhood with her grandparents. To her, that experience made her more sensitive to the people around her and how important high level of support and care is.

Her grit and passion for learning has never made her hesitant. She believes that learning is a lifelong process, and that education is character changing. Adapting to new industry skills, new people, new environments is never a hindrance for her. Kyrene is extremely valuable as a highly regarded Compliance Officer.  

She has a soft spot for animals and believes that they have rights too. She speaks conversational Japanese and loves to paint whenever she has time to spare.