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Precious Jewel GonzalesPhoto

Precious Jewel Gonzales

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Precious is the Recruitment Coordinator for the Gold Coast region. A teacher by profession, she is passionate about helping individuals seek their potential and achieve roles that they would cherish. Now that she is in the recruitment field, she is committed to helping the company by seeking applicants who are open for opportunities in Disability and Aged Care. She is about finding applicants who are not only the right people to do the job but also about finding the person who will enjoy and care for the job.

She is highly driven to do her role as her parents are already aged, and she firmly believes that a part of what we enjoy today is the fruit of the labor of those who are elderly, and that nurturing and helping them in their gray years is a simple heroic act that will make them feel significantly valued.

The topography of Gold Coast region highly speaks about her. She is into nature trips, has a great love for beach and mountain adventures. And just like how sunny the place is, her bright personality and humor entertain her family and friends. Aside from going on mini adventures and catching some rays, she’s down to going to thrift shops.